6-Spindle Slide Type Drilling Reaming & Tapping Machine

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  • Model:LFS-110-6S

Function :
1. 1st~3rd spindle drilling motor:3HPx4P
2. 4th~6th spindle tapping motor:2HPx6P
3. Multiple spindle equipment is installed in front of the spindle of this model for multi-hole machining
4. Motor horse power for the work piece size to do change
5. Spindle outside diameter 110, Max stroke 150mm

Specification :
1. Electric system PLC
2. Hydraulic pump motor:3HPx4P double pump=1set, 2HPx4P single pump=1set
3. Cutting fluid setting: water pump motor 1/2HP, tank capacity 200 liter
4. Total horse power:21HP
5. Machine size:L1600xW3000xH2500(mm)
6. Total weight:5500KG